Developed by Michael Beeson

Best of two worlds

With training both in computing and English teaching, I'm ideally suited to developing this kind of software

I've developed skills that cross the gamet of online programming – from designing web pages to developing rich internet applications to administrating a server.

Combined with my many years of experience in language teaching, I can tailor-make an online database application that best serves the needs of your language school.

Cooperative development

Communication is extremely important when developing bespoke software. Before a single line is written, I'll sit down with the people who are going to use the service, both admin and teachers, to hammer out the best possible solutions.

My experience in the field should help anticipate any potential hurdles, and I'll try to steer development in a direction that leaves possibilities open for the future. Though naturally it's the client who calls the shots!

MBBeetech in the field

Idiomas Seif

MBeeTech is already up and running for an English language school in Madrid, called Idiomas Seif. They can count on MBeeTech for their daily administration of students, teachers and lessons, as well as providing a student portal that links into the database to provide useful information and functionality.