Allow students to update their account, check their status and view previous lessons


No need to refresh – the app updates itself on the fly, whenever a change is made

Administration made easy

The admin app is designed to be quick and easy to use, freeing up admin staff from their more mundane tasks so that they may focus on what matters.

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The main application allows for full control of students, lessons, texbooks and other resources.

Compared to traditional pen and paper filing systems the advantages are clear – questions that were previously difficult to answer are trivial. Do you want to look for all lessons attended by a specific student between two dates? Get a list of all currently active students who haven't attended a lesson for more than a week? With an online database you'll get that information in seconds.

If, on the other hand, you have already computerised your database, perhaps the speed, reliability and flexibility of MBeeTech will convince you it's time to upgrade.

A streamlined experience for teachers

Teachers can input data during their lesson allowing them and their colleagues to keep track of what has been done, and what students may have missed

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This pared-down version of the application allows teachers to register the class they are currently teaching, including attendance, time, level and any resources used, thereby freeing up the admin staff from having to do so.

But it's not only extra work for teachers – It also allows them to keep track of all resources used, both by themselves and by other teachers. This allows them to immediately answer questions that again used to take up a lot of time and energy, and is particularly useful when students have been around for a long time and have had multiple teachers. Questions such as:

  • Was student A present when I taught modal verbs?
  • Have any of the students currently assigned to this group been taught unit 9 of this book?
  • What has the teacher whose class I'm covering been doing over the last week?
  • What was it that I did with them yesterday, again?

Modular design

Add new modules as the need arises – from basic monitoring of students and lessons to billing, resource management and even a school bell

There are several different parts that can be added to the application depending on how the school is organised, and they are designed to link into each other. Some of the modules are:

  • Students and lessons – the backbone of the application
  • Lesson contents – this refers to textbooks used and topics taught. This means teachers can avoid repeating material for students who span multiple groups, as well as allowing a replacement teacher to get caught up on what has been going on.
  • Billing – create your bills, and automatically apply any discounts you may have. Save common items to be added to bills (registration fee, 5% discount, textbook etc.) and print the bills directly from the application.
  • Groups / Courses – keep track of course numbers and allow students to follow what was taught in the lessons they missed
  • School bell – though not by any means as desirable as having a fully wired P.A. system, this at least is a quick and easy way to have something akin to a school bell. To be used with care!

Many new modules will be added as time goes on. Two that are currently in the works are a class scheduler, and a library database.

Live updating

Changes made to the database are immediately broadcast to any connected computers. No need to refresh; the app is always up to date.

Many online databases present users with information from the time that the information was accessed. This means that any changes made between page refreshes are not shown, which can lead to confusion or errors, or at the very least the annoying need to constantly refresh your page to check if there has been any activity.

MBeeTech deals with this problem by keeping all connected computers in touch with each other, so that any changes are immediately displayed to all users.

Website integration

Improve the service offered to your students by allowing them to access course information, or make changes to their account.

Having an online database comes with many advantages, not least being able to access it from anywhere in the world. But especially useful is the ability to link your database to your website

With MBeeTech you can add a student portal to your school website that gives students the ability to change some elements of their account (for example, a new email address or telephone number) as well as providing them with useful information such as how many hours they have left in their course, and a summary of lessons they have attended or missed. Again, this will free up your admin staff to deal with more complex requests and issues, as well as provide a professional image to your customers.